Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Craft Fairs

With the onset of Spring and the many beautiful changes in nature comes my outdoor Craft shows, once again.

Selling in person is always a wonderful experience for me because I get to meet and chat with my customers. This is always exciting for me because I get to talk about my jewelry pieces and more recently my cards. I can tell customers what an item is made of and how I made it.

I especially enjoy talking with my younger customers because they are so curious and I absolutely love to talk about my creations.

Here are some pictures of my table set up:

Here are some pictures of some of the jewelry and cards that I sold this craft fair season:

On May 2nd I had my last Spring Craft Show and with this comes a sad feeling because I will not be able to sell in the "flesh" until the fall. Because of the heat I no longer sell at outdoor Summer Craft Fairs. So, the internet will have to do until the fall comes around once again.

That's all for now...