Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm in a Vintage State of Mind

Yes indeed, I'm in a "Vintage" state of mind for quite a while now. And not because I am in a "Vintage" stage of life! Nope, that's not it at all--well, maybe just a little bit, LOL. Actually it's really all about the style of jewelry that I seem to love to create lately.
I like to think of my vintage style creations as "Eclectic Vintage" Style. I love a little Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and a little bit of almost anything.
It seems that when I am awake my mind is constantly thinking about different ideas for creations. I constantly amaze myself because I can spend hours setting stones, gluing stones and other components to filigrees, and wrapping stones with filigrees without ever getting bored. I totally love doing this.

Here are some of the pieces that I have created with this "affliction" of mine.

Vintage Blue and White Dutch Delft Cameo, Crystal and Antiqued Brass Filigree Pin

Vintage Inspired Antiqued Brass Filigree and Crystal Bracelet

Vintage Inspired Crystal and Antiqued Brass Morning Glory Vine Earrings

Vintage Inspired Turquoise, Crystal, and Antiqued Copper Filigree Necklace Set

Vintage Inspired Lampwork Bead, Onyx, and Antiqued Copper Bracelet

Vintage Inspired Floral Drop Earrings

Vintage Rose Pink Glass Cabochon, Crystal, and Antiqued Brass Filigree Ring

Vintage Olive Cabochon, Crystal, and Antiqued Brass Filigree Necklace
So, what do you think about "My Vintage State Of Mind" creations?
Btw, you can find these and other of "My Vintage State of Mind" creations in all my on line jewelry shops:
ttyl, margo :o)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Addicted, Driven, and Obsessed Too!

Yes indeed, this is me. And, it's been me for as long as I can remember. Don't know why--actually I really never even wonder why because "it is what it is".
I hope I'm not misleading you in any way--this is not about drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or any of the usual addictions. It's about my behavior. Yep, about my behavior and my personality.
How am I addicted, obsessed, and driven you ask? Oh boy, this is not an easy thing to explain.
But have no fear I will take on this challenge.

These 3 behaviors show up when I collect something. Let's talk a little about music. If I like a singer or a group I have to have just about every CD that this artist or group releases. When I was younger it was every 45, or LP, or tape now it's CDs.

Let's talk about clothing and shoes. You know the expression "if the shoes fits..." well, with me it's "if the shoe fits then I buy it in every color". Same goes for blouses, sweaters, jeans, etc.

As a teenager I read a magazine interview with Valerie Harper --you remember her, she played Rhoda on the "Mary Tyler Moore Show" and later in her own spin off show? In the interview Valerie said that one of her fashion secrets was that when she finds something that fits her well--a blouse, a pair of slacks, etc.--she buys it in every color. She'd buy lots of accessorizes so no one would realize it was same blouse that she wore just about every day in a different color. LOL, this was me she was talking about, for sure.

Let's talk a little about my "crafting" projects. As a knitter and crocheter I must have every knitting needle, every crochet hook, "oodles" of skeins of yarn in all sorts of colors and thicknesses, and lots of knitting books. And then of course everyone I know has to get a knitted or crocheted scarf or hat.

Remember macrame, the art of knot tying? Did it--had to have all kinds of cords, beads, and the instruction booklets.
Had to make friends macrame plant holders, macrame necklaces, bracelets, and wall hangings.

Then it was crewel embroidery, needlepoint, and hook rugging.

I think that every wall in my house had one of my embroidered, needle pointed, and hooked rug pictures and so did most of my friends and family.

Of course, there's more, but I really want to fast forward to the recent past. For 6 years I have been addicted, obsessed, and driven to make jewelry. This is an addiction that seems to have increased quite seriuosly and ya know, I really don't have any problem with this.

Let's talk about how this addiction has manifested itself. I collect beads of all shapes, sizes, colors, in all kinds of materials whether I need them or not. I collect all sorts of findings to use with my beads. I collect all kind of tools for every jewelry creation need. I love shopping in the bead and button district in the city (NY) and nearby areas--I am constantly surfing the web for new websites--I must check out every email that is sent to me by web sites that I have bought from.

When I began this endeavor I simply "strung" beads in different designs on wire or beading thread. Then I had to learn a little wire work--making beaded chains, and loops for hanging beads,etc. I needed to learn more so I started bead weaving with seed beads--this didn't hold my interest for too long so I moved on to more involved wire wrapping techniques. My need to learn and do more led me to filigree wrapping, setting stones, filigree layering and other vintage style techniques.

Recently I've been playing around with polymer clay. I have already bought lots of clay, books, and just about every tool to use for this technique in jewelry creation.

And, before I forget you need to that I have 5 web sites for selling my jewelry creations and vintage beads. I do house parties, holiday and craft fairs, sell out of the house to locals, and do jewelry repairs and reconstruction of vintage necklaces too.

Yes indeed "Addicted, Driven, and Obsessed" that's me. Do you agree?

Now, I must ask, "does this seem to be something that is quite familiar to you too?"

ttyl, margo