Saturday, June 20, 2009

So Now I Am Officially A Blogger

Who would ever think that I would actually have my own blog? I have been resistant to having a blog for so long now and have said over and over that I don't want to have a blog--but alas! I have given in to peer pressure (which happens to be quite funny at my age).
So, here I am the author of my own blog--now, of course I have to hope that someone will feel that it's worth following--Oh, the pressure we put on ourselves in this life!
If someone out there is actually going to read what I write you may be pleasantly surprised how good I am at talking. There is no end to what I have to say on just about everything. Yes, they wrote the song "you talk too much" in honor of me. And yes, I did get in lots of trouble for talking too much during my school years.
So, this blog is going to be my venue to discuss a whole lot of things--like handmande products and the artists that create them, like jewelry techniques, designs, supplies, like on line selling and buying, like how to handle stress and how to relax, how to assert yourself in a nonconfrontational way, like recipes--yea, you read that right, like jokes and so much more. Btw, I haven't mentioned this before but I am a retired school counselor so there's lots for me to share. I only hope that you will smile and think it's worthwhile to follow some of my talks!
Okay, enough said for my first day--talk to you later!


  1. It's awsome you are starting a new blog!

  2. Congrats on the blog Margo! Remember to post the link in our EJDSS forum!

  3. Nice job on your new blog! Look forward to following and reading more. We have a fairly new blog too, would love to have you join us and follow us at
    Ruth and Marilyn
    Two Artisan Sisters

  4. Looks like your doing a good job so far!! Congrats on trying something new. It keeps you young!!

  5. Thanks everyone--your support is welcomed and appreciated!