Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh Me, Oh My, I Think I'll Cry!

Boo hoo, boo hoo--yes, I'm crying --Why? Because I have been separated from my laptop. Yes, incredible as it may seem--I am without my dear sweet laptop. No, she hasn't moved out and no, she hasn't run away--she's really sick and had to be brought to the Staples computer hospital.

It was truly an emergency--because if she wasn't taken to the computer hospital at Staples she might have been bitten, kicked, stamped upon with both of my feet, punched, or maybe even thrown against a brick wall to be smashed into tiny non-recognizable pieces.

Pooh, pooh, pooh , how really sad it is that a mere machine can drive me to become annoyed, frustrated, and down right angry. Especially, since I am usually a calm, patient, and non-violent human being?

Well, at least I haven't been driven to drink, or torn my hair out---yet! "So, how sick was she", you ask? "Very ,very, very sick", I answer back.

That little "she-devil" stopped in the middle of me typing, and if I was lucky enough to get her to continue she'd exasperate me by jumping 2 sentences back. Ms laptop made it painful for me to hightlight, copy, paste, edit, reply to an email and these are just a few of the symptoms of this very, very,very sick laptop of mine.

So, I cry, boo hoo, boo hoo--yes, I'm suffering from separation anxiety. "This is crazy", you say? Yup, you're right! So, what makes a fairly emotionally healthly mature adult get to feel this way? Well, I guess I have to tell you! It's relying too much on my laptop for communicating with others, for searching for information, for finding out how to get somewhere by car, for the weather, for the news, for shopping, and so much more. Yes, becoming dependant on a mere machine! Sound familiar to you--hey, look in the mirror--I bet you are me. Enough said--ttyl


  1. I feel your pain! I have had two computers crash and burn on me over the past 3 years, one with tons of pictures on it, not to be replaced. I am on my pc every day, I have two, one for work and a laptop for playing games....I art endeavors.. I hope it gets fixed soon.

  2. Nina Estrella--
    I feel your pain--thanks for empathizing with me-what is that saying? "Misery likes company"!
    ta, ta margo

  3. hope it won't take too long to you need to get a back up system.....

  4. well glad you were able to do the blog!!!

  5. I did throw a computer out the back door once if that makes you feel any better. It was about 7 years ago and it got to the point of no return so I picked it up, carried it to my back door and chucked it.

  6. libertydoll--I didn't know you had a violent streak--whoa!

    Btw, I was able to do my blog because my dh and son each have their own computers--THANK GOODNESS!

  7. I loved this article. Oh how I know what you're going thru. My computer crashed once and it was horrible. Loving this blog "following" stuff. I became a follower. Thanks for following me, too. :o) button

  8. Checking up on the dear sick computer. Have you found out when it gets to come home yet?