Monday, September 14, 2009


So, are you jealous of me? Well, I don't blame you at all since I have been given 2 cool awards from one of the talented jewelry designers on Artfire. Yep, it's true--Julie of "Creations with Heart" has given me 2 awards.

The first award is the "Tag Your It" award. With this cool award I get to share 10 interesting things about me with you--and you know how I love to share. So my dears--here goes:
1. I am 5'9'' tall. Yep, I am-- I always sat in the back of the room and was the last on line all through elementary and junior high school.

2. My astrological sign is Virgo--I am organized, responcible, reliable, precise, and quite helpful--I am quick thinking, loyal, and quite discriminating about who I associate with--however, I can also be a bit critical, fussy for I am always striving to be better--Most Virgo's are shy and demur--HA!!! not me because I am quite outgoing, friendly, and very assertive.
3. I broke my left arm when I was 7 running after my cousin and again 1 year later running home from school.

4. I had to carry my birth certificate with me when I went to the movies from about 11 years old to prove that I was under 13 years old--otherwise I'd have to pay adult price.

5. I was the first of my friends to have my own phone--my parents were sick of all the time I spent talking on the phone.6. I was voted "Miss Outerspace" in Jr.H.S. because of my very outgoing and "crazy" personality.

7. My mother had to come up to school every Friday to check on my behavior because I was always in some type of trouble for talking and laughing too much in classes.

8. When I was 20 I had a boyfriend with a bright red Honda motorcycle. It was so cool to ride on it until we skidded into a ditch and my entire right side was black and blue for too long a time.

9. I burned my bra in the center of Brooklyn College with about 100 other young women in favor of the women's lib movement.

10. I had a fire engine red Mustang with a black vinyl top that I absolutely loved--until it was stolen 2 years later. My heart was terribly broken.

OK--that's one award finished--

Now for my second award which is the "Premio Meme Award,"-- with this cool award I get to tell you 7 more interesting facts about me. Wow, I can imagine how thrilled you are about this.

Well, my dears--here we go again:
1. This November I will be married 33 years to the same great guy. We have 2 adult sons who are 29 and 24 years old. Our 24 year old is still living with us. We also have 2 cats, Storm and Katie, who very generously allow us to live with them.
3. I come from a long line of talented genes--not, my Calvins--but, my family genes. I have been a crafter since I was a very young girl. I knit, crochet, do macrame, embroider, do quilling, stained glass, and much more.

4. In September I began my 6th year of designing jewelry. It seems that I am definitely a beadaholic and I'm very proud of it. I find that designing and making jewelry is extremely therapeutic and lots of fun.

5. I have been selling on line for 1 year now--first on Etsy, and then I opened a studio on Artfire in November of '08.

6. This past year has been a difficult one health wise. I have had 2 stents placed into one of my main arteries and my appendix erupted. I will be going for another angiogram soon to see if another one of my artery's needs a stent.

7. I just turned 60 years old on September 5th and I have to admit it's really not soooooooo bad at all. For this special birthday I got a brand new 2010 Silver Toyota Camry--this is the 3rd silver Camry that I have owned. I love it--it is totally awesome to drive.

Well, there you have it--are you still jealous of me? Not to worry it is now time for me to pass these 2 cool awards on to ten other lucky bloggers--go check the list below to see if you are one of the lucky ones. Hope you have fun!











I hope this proves to be a bit challenging and some fun.

Well I'll ttyl--


  1. This was definitely a challenging activity for me. Sometimes it's not so easy to think up things that you want to share with others. I hope that it is an interesting experience for all who are being sent these 2 awards.

  2. Hi Margo,
    How nice to share all those little details. I am "terrible" at blogging but I am definitely going to try with this.
    Thanks for the tag!

  3. Thanks for the tag, Margo. I like these little exercises in sharing. I love to learn more about people, and I know there are so many interesting facts out there about our fellow artisans. Keep up the nice blog work!!

  4. Hzppy Belated Birthday!! Your a Virgo also so cool!! Oh, I loved that you burned your bra!! Very funny! I love your Mustang I bet you had fun with that and now your new car!! Congrats on the gift and your marriage!