Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"The Leader Of the Pack"

Yep, I'm "The Leader of the Pack"--not a pack of bikers, or rabid dogs, or feral cats, or even wolves--just a pack of jewelry designers and jewelry suppliers. Well, actually it's not really a pack it's a group or to be exact it's a guild on So, I am the leader of the "Artfire Jewelry Design Jewelry Supply Guild".

I inherited this leadership from the original creator who moved on to newer pastures, not greener, just newer. By the way, my actual title is "Guild Master"--are you impressed? Oh shucks, I'm rather dissapointed. Ya know why? Cause I'm actually enjoying the role.

The guild is made up of over 100 members who have studios on, a very friendly "seller and buyer" venue. The members of this guild are a wonderfully diverse and talented group of jewelry designers and jewelry suppliers.

Oh, your still not impressed? Humph I say! Just come by our blog and visit the links to the member's studios--you are gonna be surprised by the talent, creativity, and diversity, as well as the fabulous supplies offered. Here's the link:
Get going after you finish reading this--you won't be disppointed whatsoever!
So, are you curious about why this "leader of the pack", oops I mean Guild Master role
is enjoyable to me? Well, if you're not, no matter--I'm gonna talk about it anyway. After all , I must live up to my reputation.
I love planning different ways to promote the guild and it's studios. I love planning challenges and other activities for the guild members. I love featuring guild studios on our guild blog because I get to see all the fabulous creations, all the wonderful jewelry supplies, and I learn a bit more about the members.

Ok, ok, I have to be honest all is not so fabulous about this role. Reminding or rather "nagging" members, to promote the featured members, promotions, challenges, and other events sucks big time. Don't like this at all. Hey, what in life is without negatives? NADA, that's for sure. But, I must admit even with the negatives of being "The Leader of This Pack," I'm having fun and am enjoying myself. WooHoo--& the beat goes on...

So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it--ttyl


  1. I really love being the "guild master" of the Ajdjss guild because I am a major "control freak"

  2. Your doing a great job so far, glad you are enjoying it too, ttyl gotta go promote, oh the doc said there probably won't be any permanent scars(hehe), I am glad I joined.....:)

  3. lol, it's hard to picture you as a wolf. However your doing a great job!

  4. I met her at the bead store..(to the tune of Leader of the Pack~) vroom vroom!
    (Yes I know my age is showing! LOL)

  5. You are amazing! You have united your many strengths in this blog. Keep it up.....I can feel the enthusiasm and vigor in the words. I am green with envy. Love and xxxxxx....Keep it up and feel better.....

  6. You are doing a great job! really appreciate it, ol' leader of the pack ahem group :)