Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Wild and Wonderful Ride

So, after 2 exciting days as the Artfire Crazy Train Rider I am so elated by the number of "peeps" who participated in my ACTR promotions. To me the increased number of views were simply fabulous--but, the amount of participation by all you wonderful "peeps" is what is most endearing to me.
A special warm and meaningful thanks to all you "peeps" out there who helped me enjoy my ride tremendously.
For sure, this is a terrific way to encourage comaradarie in our Artfire Community and of course it gives us a lot more exposure as a studio.
I am so sorry that my journey on this train has ended. Oh Shucks!
But, it was a wild and wonderful experience.
Special thanks to "Picard" for this fabulous "brainstorm" that now has a life of it's own.
And know that I will be on the pc promoting a little bit more because of this elating 2 day ride.
Now, "that's my story and I'm sticking to it".
ttyl, :o)

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